Actual information

We are currently actively participating in the ERASMUS+ project DIGIBLEND, which is described in more detail in the "PROJECTS" section.

General information

The Association ALTUM is a non-profit non-governmental organization. The association was established in 2009. Since then the Association ALTUM implements non-formal and formal education and works with both adults and young people. It has established a Training center ALTUM (reg. No. 3380802097).
Association’s Training center's teachers conducts classes and courses for people in several places Latvia.
Association and its staff have participated and gained experience in various projects in Latvia, Estonia, Poland and several other European countries.


Adult education

We mainly work with adults from two target groups – unemployed persons and seniors in the field of enhancing their digital competences

Our Association run „Competition Increased programme” for adult unemployed persons. Classes are held in Latvia regions and towns outside the capital - in 5 places - Aizkraukle, Bauska, Dobele, Jekabpils and Jelgava. We conduct the following courses: "Computer and Internet Basics", "Using E-Services", "Create Your Own Website".

Our Association teach „Computer and Internet basic” courses for seniors in Riga and Olaine.

We work also with Employed persons in programme „Improving the Professional Competence of Employed Persons” teaching course “Data Analysis and Reporting”.

Youth education

Together with the association Ozols in 2011 there was implemented project in Madona district where young people learned a variety of crafts manufacturing skills, motivation in the labor market, attended fairs, theaters and other culture events. Now at created and equipped with PC sites center "Generation to generation" young people continue to put their knowledge to seniors, as well as obtain their experience.
Associations ALTUM performed training of integration activities for young people in Estonia in 2012.
Association organized in 2014 procurement of equipment (measuring instruments, hiking accessories, digital tools), which is used for training young people on Forest education  course in Gulbene district.


History teaching

Association’s teachers work with young people, led by history hobby groups, teaches historical event reconstruction techniques and role playing.
One important group of activities in non-formal educational field of history is the Association members participation in Grundtvig partnership 2-year project "Learning through Time Living History for Life Long Learning" (September 2013 - July 2015). The project is acquainted medieval history of 6 European countries, history’s  non-formal teaching methods are fastened to participants intercultural skills.
At present (from 01.01.2015 to 06.30.2015) the Association participates in the ERASMUS+  program “Youth worker's mobility” in  project "Tape loom - a creative history", in which the co-ordinator is the Polish organization. Project participants will deepen their knowledge of techniques to develop young people's awareness of their common European identity based on shared history and traditions of the centuries-established culture.


The skills and experience

Association’s Chief of the board Dainis Olders has the  university degree (Master's degree), 16 years of experience in the management of public organizations, of which the last 5 years have spent in youth work. He has participated in many international projects. He has several years of experience in welcoming foreign groups of learners in Latvia. Head of Training Centre Inguna Igovena has broad experience in organizing projects, lesson’s planning.
Association’s trainers Andris Sne, Ilze Breidaka, Martins Mintaurs has the qualifications and experience of general history and art history teaching, education of young people.

Association’s staff and teachers know English. They have experience working with foreign participants.